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Harvard ,Here I Come! (1941)

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Harvard ,Here I Come! (1941)

Published 1941


'SLAPSIE' Takes Over Harvard... and every gal in sight!

Max 'Slapsie Maxie' Rosenbloom ... Maxie (as 'Slapsie' Maxie Rosembloom)
Arline Judge ... Francie Callahan
Stanley Brown ... Harrison Carey
Don Beddoe ... Hypo McGonigle
Marie Wilson ... Zella Phipps
Virginia Sale ... Miss Frisbie
Byron Foulger ... Prof. Alvin
Boyd Davis ... Prof. Hayworth
Julius Tannen ... Prof. Anthony
Walter Baldwin ... Prof. MacSquigley
Tom Herbert ... Prof Teeter
Larry Parks ... Eddie Spellman
George McKay ... Blinky
John Tyrrell ... Slug
Mary Ainslee ... Phyllis
Lloyd Bridges ... Larry (uncredited)
Yvonne De Carlo ... Bathing Girl (uncredited)

Run time 1:03:52
Producer Post Pictures Corp.
Production Company Post Pictures Corp.
Audio/Visual Sound, Black & White
Language English


Reviewer: Noah 8-? - favoritefavoritefavorite - April 23, 2009
Subject: Regular Frosh He Ain't
Maxie Rosenbloom here seeks polish and he's so innocent & gullible that he mistakes Harvard Pathologist/Archiologist Profs' interest in himself. Maxie thinks that they want him in Harvard as a Student whereas they consider Maxie as a possible 'Missing Link'. Surprisingly he illustrates that his ineptitude is merely from an extensively ignorant environment. Turns out that he is mathematically gifted though his speech is Cockney Brooklynese.

Looking around and we see:

Arline Judge - who could easily pass for the twin of Barbara Stanwick right down to the throaty voice.

Byron Foulger - Mousey Proffessor and Mousey though smart character parts in many other features. Could possibly on occasion shake a walnut sized little fist in bespeckled rage.

Julius Tannen - Lonnnnggg nose Lonnnnnggg-er face -small almost round mouth - where have we seen this fellow before? Ah yes, this is the Talking Picture Demonstrator in 'Singing In The Rain'.

Lloyd Bridges has a single line.

My Friend Irma's Marie Wilson brightly portrays the Irma character that would prove so successful later.

An' Dave Willock that also portrayed Margie's dad in the tv series set in the Roaring 20's.

An' in the main Proffessor's office our hero goes to stand among busts of prehistoric man.... and who/what is that just behind his right shoulder - why, it's a bust of the Planet of the Apes Governor from 30 or so years hence.

Plotline....? Mmmmmm.... Rube attends Uppity College.... and never gets mad - nor even... (demonstrating that the best revenge is Success!).

Are they sure that Barbara Stanwick didn't have another moniker like Arline Judge?
Noah 8-?
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